6 key ingredients to becoming a digital organisation

6 key ingredients to becoming a digital organisation

Digital Transformation, like all other great initiatives before it, has today become yet another buzzword that is overused and what it means to transform digitally has been lost in the tune-out

While everyone is claiming to be in the process of Digital Transformation, it's worth looking at what is really takes to successfully become a digital organisation.

I know this definitely sounds cliche, but Digital Transformation is about the journey, both now and ongoing, rather than the destination. As business moves rapidly, technology evolves, and the needs of our customers shift daily (if not by the minute), there can no longer be a place to arrive at that is 100% transformed. It is an ongoing process that will require ongoing optimisation and commitment.

Unfortunately, many organisations run isolated technology projects across silos and call it Digital Transformation, but to be successful, you need a complete transformation across all the organisational units, as well as supply chain upstream and downstream all the way to the customer to be fully customer-centric. And that's just the beginning.

Beyond the organisational transformation, there are a number of practical steps to be taken to help you become a truly digital organisation. These steps are:

Customer Centricity

To be customer-centric in your Digital Transformation, you must understand your customer's pains and needs. Once gathered these need to be front and centre in the strategy of what your business wants to achieve through this transformation - meeting the needs of your customers.

People and Culture

Building a digital-first culture is essential to becoming a successful digital organisation. Without the culture and the right people, you are going to face blocks at every step. Your business and your people need to be responsive to change, AGILE and innovative.


Automated business processes need to be introduced, and they must be LEAN and highly responsive, collaborative and transparent. Automating business processes helps you to relieve staff to focus on more important work, like improving and connecting more processes, which can connect you to more data sources, which results in better insights.

Technology (Cloud)

Connecting everything to the cloud allows you to be scalable and flexible while offering you a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced infrastructure, higher security, BC/DR, higher availability, faster deployment and it's easier to manage.

Data and Information Management

Data is everything in the digital world. Every part of your organisation needs to be set up to gather data, thus gathering insights which can be analysed to learn about the efficiencies within your business and the habits of your customers. It is not enough to have this established within each team if the data is not flowing freely across the organisation with analysis able to be performed across all data captured, not just within silos. This is where you will need to implement a robust information lifecycle management strategy.  


Becoming a successful digital organisation means shedding your skin regularly and being open to the new tools and trends that will arise. To be an innovative company, you must always look outside of your comfort zone and challenge the status quo within your organisation, industry and individual roles.  

To set up your organisation for Digital Transformation, you need a vision, strategy, clear roadmap, action plan and an ongoing change and continuous improvement plan with staff resources dedicated to keeping the transformation on the right track.

If you're struggling to start, or unsure if your organisation is on the right track, it is worth considering how our DTS services can assist you on all of these key ingredients these with a broad and extensive range of expertise across Strategy and Governance, People Culture and Change, Processes, Technology and Information Management

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