Are you anxious about your data security and backup? Don’t fret, we’ve got it all covered!

Data migration becomes a cause of uncertainty and fear for companies, especially when it comes to cloud. It seems the most common concerns are data protection and service interruptions. There’s a fear of accidentally deleting critical data, being held hostage to ransomware, and the risk of application or resource failure.

We believe that information is an asset and your pathway to success, that’s why we consider it our utmost priority to protect your data. Through our collaboration with Veritas, we wish to provide our clients with streamlined cloud migration, cloud management and data protection services. Veritas is the leader in data protection.

That’s why the largest companies rely on their 360 approach for managing and protecting their information. The benefits and features are exponential, some of which are briefly discussed below:


  • Veritas has years of data management expertise and leadership, and through this expert knowledge, they have developed a data protection technology called CloudPoint that is cloud-native, light-weight and flexible, yet robust.
  • It provides core enterprise-grade data protection capabilities that can be extended to protect workloads in public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.
  • It can be seamlessly incorporated to your AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or data centre environments.
  • Utilizing the available cloud infrastructure APIs, it delivers an automated and unified snapshot-based data protection experience.

Backup and Recovery Veritas CloudPoint delivers backup and recovery with simplicity and superior performance for virtual machine instances and applications, such as:

  1. Large-scale MongoDB databases in the Google Cloud Platform
  2. Dynamic Microsoft SQL databases in Microsoft Azure
  3. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) in AWS

As you leverage these innovative cloud platforms, for example, to run your big data and analytics projects, shifting more applications to multiple cloud providers or developing new applications and moving production loads into cost-effective Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environments, CloudPoint orchestrates the snapshot operations provided natively by the respective Cloud Platform. It adds all the crucial enterprise functions that enables you to deploy application-consistent backups easily, recover data granularly, and search intelligently across your Cloud environments - all managed from a single, easy to use and operatable dashboard.

Overall, it provides you with following benefits and features:

  • Single dashboard visibility into backup operations across Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and other clouds
  • Automated discovery and backup of Google Cloud VM, Amazon EC2, Azure instances with no need to install agents
  • Policy-based application-consistent snapshots for Microsoft SQL, Amazon RDS, MongoDB, and more applications
  • Granular search and near-zero recovery of snapshots down to the file-level
  • Classification of personally identifiable information and deletion if requested
  • Replication of snapshots to other regions or zones to ensure quick disaster recovery
  • Removing unnecessary storage.
  • Getting ahead on GDPR compliance.
  • Easy migration to the cloud.
  • Streamlined data recovery process

360 Data Management

This will facilitate you in achieving overall organizational benefits, most importantly, cost cutting and time efficiency. It will similarly provide you with the following advantages.

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