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The second quarter of this year has been challenging for everyone and has truly tested us. We must look at how to work differently in order to adapt to the new circumstances that affect the status quo in our routine and for what was the ‘norm’... We have realised that working, learning and connecting remotely is possible, through the use of technology.

The Migration Company (TMC) specialises in Infrastructure, Data and Application Migrations and through our alliance with CloudM, we can maximise your cloud journey from migration, integration automation and administration. With the combined CloudM capability and The Migration Company team, we now have the capability to meet the migration and post-management needs as well as adapted to each organisation's specific requirements.  

To achieve this, you must have a team, service and appropriate technology that accompanies you throughout the migration and management processes, in an effective and efficient way. Together, The Migration Company and CloudM make this possible and backs the TMC service offering, which is easy, 40% faster and more secure than any other on the market. CloudM's leading migration and management platform, allows you to migrate your emails, calendars and files to Office 365, G Suite or Dropbox from over 30 source platforms.

This partnership allows you to choose the most convenient method to migrate your data, the way you can integrate the new platform across your entire organisation, how you can administrate your domains and even automate permissions, policies and procedures in one place. All this under the promise of minimum downtime, zero data loss, and all within budget.

TMC’s partnership with CloudM translates to a powerful combination of best practice migration process and state of the art toolset. TMC’s phased approach – Discover, Migrate, Secure and Manage – is supported by CloudM technology at every step of the migration lifecycle, resulting in lower complexity, risk and total cost” - Marton Marek, Sales Director at TMC

The benefits obtained from this association continue to enhance TMC's promises, since CloudM is also focused on increasing the company's investment value and increasing workforce productivity. To back this, 70% of our clients saw an increase in collaboration among their employees. Our clients also experienced a more secure environment with an integrated data compliance and governance management capability.

About CloudM

CloudM offers a management platform to help all organisations to get the most out of the cloud through migration, automation and administration with its world leader in migration and management software. CloudM is pursuing the aim of more productive people by collaboration and autonomy, more value for your money with automatisation of IT administration and an easily manage data compliance and governance, which means more secure future.

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