Design and Master Your Migration

There are 4 key ingredients to delivering a successful migration.1. Experience 2. Discovery 3. Planning 4. Automation. The Migration company has mastered these 4 keys to establish commonalities between vastly differing migrations to create repeatable processes that result in reducing timelines and cost by up to 40% for our customers.


Don't mix and match your IT systems. Choose as few key platforms that meet as much of your businesses needs as possible. Keeping it simple will reduce ongoing costs in support, training, maintenance and future migrations.Here’s how to do it:

  1. Automated Discovery
  2. Discovery Report Analysis
  3. Migration Timelines, Cost Estimates and Project Plan
  4. Establish Migration Team
  5. Engage with Business and Project Stakeholders
  6. Develop a 'Master Migration List' & Priority Matrix
  7. Run Real-Time Live Migrations without effecting business productivity
  8. Verify Migrations in the Destination Environment & Gain Migration Validation
  9. Repeat
  10. Deliver Great Results!

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