Easing the Fear of Cloud Migrations

Have you ever heard the term ‘Range Anxiety’? If you ever owned an electric car, or an EV, then you probably have a good understanding of this term, which was introduced way back in 1997 by journalist Richard Acello when talking about the worry of those driving the GM EV1 electric car running out of electricity at the worst possible moment.

This fear was and continues to be a major barrier that keeps buyers away from purchasing electric cars. In fact, if electric cars match the price and features to petrol-powered cars? Basically, if all the typical excuses go away to which both types of cars will satisfy most all customers? The last hurdle will be range, or more to the point, the fear of being stranded in the middle of an intersection or stuck in the middle of a busy highway.

To tackle range anxiety and give potential customers peace of mind, Tesla developed intelligent software that not only tracked the range left in their vehicles, but also analyses car use in real time to alert drivers and map their route to the nearest fast charging station to avoid running out of charge, even if the battery is more full than empty, just to avoid a worse-case scenario.

Do we think there is a term out there called ‘Migration Anxiety’? Probably not as of this writing, but if we were to ask business owners how they feel about moving their systems into the cloud? The main fear will be stability…not of the cloud, but the system that is migrating, because it can be difficult to know what was previously done by IT people who probably left the company years ago to make the system stable in the first place.

Businesses will ask, ‘How much code was historically (and rapidly) changed to fix problems years ago that will get broken again when the system moves? Will the system operate effectively in a cloud environment? Will the data remain intact? Will performance go up in some areas but decline in others? Will all those custom changes need to be re-architected? Is that developer still around? Will the vendor do a good job? Have they done something like this before? Do they have our backs if things suddenly go wrong? Would they know how to help fix it?’

Migration Anxiety is not just something relegated to a small or medium sized business either. When looking back at my quality management consulting career in terms of ERP implementations and data centre transformations in global companies, the biggest concern to businesses throughout the whole process was the assurance that all areas of the system were being tracked to ensure coverage and contingencies in the event of an unforeseen disruption. What they wanted was something tangible during the whole migration to show, in their language, that the people doing the work had their backs.

This was always the gap between a strong sense of teamwork between the vendor and the business, and one that goes beyond a written document or agreed plan. It is the application and management of a quality method the same way Tesla developed an application that speaks to the drivers to ensure their cars would not run out of power while on the road.

To lessen the levels of Migration Anxiety with businesses migrating to the cloud requires good quality management that translates technical-speak into the language of business. Request a Cloud Discovery to find out how The Migration Company and Adaps partner together to address Cloud Anxiety that provides businesses with the peace of mind required to making the switch to the cloud.

Just like Tesla owners who do not want to have to read the dashboard and calculate the range to the next charge, businesses do not want to learn the hard way how migrations fail. The key is to implement quality checks and processes that ensure their systems will work in the cloud without disruption, both during and after the migration is over.

Does your migration vendor speak the language of business? Do they have a quality methodology that you can track? Will they give you peace of mind? Address the Migration Anxiety and businesses will be more open to making the switch.

Michael Ruderman General Manager / Senior Test Practice Manager Adaps

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