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We all know the threats that exist to attack the security of our organisations, which range from failure to cover cybersecurity basics, not understanding what generates corporate cybersecurity risks, confusing compliance with cybersecurity, among others. The most prized assets of our businesses are our information and data, which can be the target of cyber attackers to access internal networks and thus be able to obtain them.

The Migration Company (TMC) is focused on offer secure services and tools to protect our clients, that is the reason why we have formed the partnership with Fortinet that develops and markets cybersecurity products and services. With this, in TMC we reaffirm our commitment to ensure and increase the software security of your business without waiting for a breach to occur.

The Migration Company approach seeks to implement a detailed security validation plan and to integrate cloud workload protection solutions to monitor and enforce security controls. Between Fortinet services, it can be found Security-Driven Networking, Dynamic CloudSecurity, AI-Driven Security Operations and Zero-Trust Network Access, and TMC knowledge will get our clients covered. All of Fortinet’s services are designed for enterprises and small business as well, within each of the 4 services mentioned above, they have a range of products designed for the needs of your business and that TMC will guide its clients in obtaining the best strategy in this regard.

Fortinet recently updated some of its products and services, bringing greater benefits to clients such as the company's assessment of frameworks and standards, and even see lack of security accompanied by recommendations on how to optimise the respective policies.

“The partnership between Fortinet and TMC represents a great opportunity for our clients as we marry our best in class discovery, migration, management and security services with Fortinet’s leading network and security solutions. Our joint capability ensures the most robust and secure migrations across private & public data canters as well as hybrid and cloud deployments. Once at their destination, our clients enjoy piece of mind knowing that their business teams are reliably and safely connected to their information assets and systems no matter where they are. Fortinet’s industry leading network and security offerings ensure performance, cost efficiency and reliability for ongoing service consumption in an increasingly mobile and remote collaborative workforce” – Roux Visser, Managing Director at TMC

For us at TMC, serving the needs of each client is our business focus, and by working together with Fortinet were-assure the advantages that our clients will obtain, since more than 90% of our clients have seen an improvement in security after migrating.


About Fortinet

Fortinet is the only security leader to develop and build custom security processing unit technology to offer the best performance in the industry, with a commitment to cybersecurity innovation and excellence. Counting with cybersecurity products and services, such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and endpoint security. 

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