Great opportunities ahead in our new partnership with Cloudamize

It’s with great excitement that we announce a new partnership with cloud migration optimizer, Cloudamize.Cloudamize works to enhance cloud journeys for clients by providing technological and analytical platforms for strategic planning of data migration. The company uses self-created technologies to simplify the decision-making process throughout the varying stages of data migration, involving instance types, storage options, availability zones, pricing plans, etc.Cloudamize helps clients by collecting, analysing and presenting these findings in an accessible format, saving time, money and resources. Furthermore, they provide a powerful analytics platform for cloud infrastructure, ensuring that clients can access data immediately and also working to provide recommendations for companies to meet their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.This is achieved in five stages of the data migration process outlined by Cloudamize:

  1. Assess
    Assessing costs, efficiency, etc. across varying providers to identify the best cloud option to suit the specific client’s needs.
  2. Plan
    Preparing budgets, schedules, discovering all applications and data and outlining a detailed phased migration plan.
  3. Migrate
    Undertaking the migration process in adherence with the plan and schedule.
  4. Validate
    Ensuring data has been migrated successfully and is fully operational following the migration.
  5. Manage
    Managing the cloud deployment by monitoring data, size, price, etc.

Looking forward to great opportunities ahead in our partnership!

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