Organise Your Migration With Categories

Every migration plan will be added to a different migration priority category. These categories will then appear in your 'Master Migration List' and migration schedule and allows you to prioritise, monitor and action your highest priority assets within your migration. Choosing which assets belong to which priority category becomes a critical part of your migration planning phase. The Migration Company brings our knowledge and expertise to this process which streamlines your migration and reduces costs by up to 40% .Each category for your migration has its own unique settings and configurations that’s fully customisable. Renaming data sets, re-architecting data on the fly, removing complex characters, filtering content, throttling bandwidth or enabling multi-thread processing, are just a few of the configuration options available when working with The Migration Company.

Here’s a tip:

For best migration results, we recommend keeping your migration plans small – less data per plan means quicker migrations, easier verification of migrated data, applications or infrastructure.  Here’s how to manage your categories:

  1. Identify Source Data, Applications or Infrastructure
  2. Identify Business Owners for each
  3. Determine business criticality
  4. Create Priority Matrix
  5. Define your 'Master Migration List' and Priority Schedule

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