Silver Peak partnership announcement

The Migration Company (TMC) is pleased to announce the addition of Silver Peak to our partner portfolio. This new alliance enables all businesses sizes to achieve a multiplier effect of ongoing cloud investments by offering a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) transformation strategy without compromise. As a result of this combination, our customers will have greater security on their networks, specifically on their WAN and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

Ensuring the security of our customers’ technological assets is part of our business focus. We continuously strive to offer the best options between products and services hand in hand with our partners. With Silver Peak’s SD-WAN platform, our customers and their end users will be able to achieve traditional performance while running all cloud applications and services via broadband, even consumer broadband. All this under the premise of delivering products and services that ensure and increase the security of your business.

TMC and Silver Peak share the mission of offering the best user experience for applications and business technology, whilst ensuring the highest standards in terms of performance and security. Silver Peak introduces the benefits of being able to connect remote office locations to corporate headquarters, thereby enabling the use of on-premise, hybrid and cloud technologies, making working remotely from home seamless and safe.

In addition, it accelerates our digital and cloud transformation initiatives, by enabling TMC’s 40% faster migration capability, whilst ensuring easier and more secure migration process, regardless of size and complexity.

At TMC, we are focused on our vision with the objective of reducing recovery time and to enabling the benefits inherent in leveraging the cloud, and with an excellent SD-WAN, provided by Silver Peak, our customers can count on better multi-cloud connectivity for enterprises.

Silver Peak is a company that develops products for wide area networks, including WAN optimization and SD-WAN and for 15 years, the company has been developing a change for building a better WAN. For more information, visit  

Learn more about TMC’s products and services by visiting and  contact our Sales Team for more information

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