The Migration Co Announces Partnership with Xillio

Melbourne, September 2020 - The Migration Company (TMC) has announced a partnership with the leading content migration software and services provider Xillio. Through this partnership TMC and Xillio integrate content management migration to the cloud. This will help organisations find the best time to value out of their content, regardless of where it is stored. The collaboration between TMC and Xillio will ensure that customers will have access to their mission critical data on the platforms that meet the demands of their business today and into the future.

According to Gartner, by the end of 2020, 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based. With this in mind, TMC has continuously evolved people, process and technology portfolio to ensure that their clients can take advantage of cloud services without having time to value and cost being a prohibiting factor.  

“We are Excited to partner with Xillio,” says Roux Visser, CEO of The Migration Company. “We encounter a lot of different content management systems in our cloud migration projects. Thanks to this partnership we can extend our capabilities to migrate large complex legacy ECM environments to the cloud. And this enables TMC to further underpin our 40% faster migration service offerings to AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud platforms.”

The partnership with Xillio strengthens TMC’s promise to provide easy, fast and secure cloud migrations and supports a repeatable migration process that ensures consistent outcomes for customers, regardless of size and complexity. With Xillio, TMC will empower their customers to make their content thrive in a lean and agile content scene to enable data driven decisions.


About Xillio

Xillio, the leading content migration and content integration company in the world, provides technology and services to help organisations get the best value out of their content, regardless of where it is stored.

Content is everywhere, and there is lots of it. Yet most organisations fail to leverage the full value of content for their customers and employees. Xillio is determined to change that. Content is only valuable if it is consumed; by the right people in the right language at the right time. Xillio empowers our customers to free, fix and know their content. We make their content thrive in a lean, agile and multilingual content landscape.

Xillio is proud to partner up with some of the largest system integrators and specialised local implementation companies. Xillio is recognised as a Cool Vendor in Content Services in 2017 by Gartner and in 2020 recognised as Charter Member of Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. Xillio is headquartered in Hilversum, Netherlands.

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