Cyber Security Portal

The Migration Company has developed a Cyber Security Portal incorporating a complete cyber security health check to not just find those unlocked doors to your data, but help you form strategies to keep them behind safe doors.

Through the portal you’ll have access to a user-friendly toolkit enabling you to access the current security status across all business modules and processes, review the risk scores across all levels and work through a proposed action plan for an effective security solution.  The portal provides you with training modules and phishing simulations to equip your team with the knowledge and tools to protect against cyber threats, as well as a customisable Cyber Security Policy template.

by The migration company (TMC)

The benefits of the Cyber Security Portal include:        

Health Check

The TMC Cyber Security Portal offers a section with cyber security questions related with the current status of the organisation to be answered by the employees or end users. That questionnaire contains more than 50 questions that covers all relevant categories of the business with a Cyber Security Overview from features like Authentication and Password, to Email Security, Remote Working, Disaster Recovery and many more.  

Cyber Security Health Dashboard  

After an end user or employee completes the health check process, the company can have a graphic representation of the results and status according to a current cyber risk score from the previous question to the date the health check has been taken. Through a bar graph, it is shown which are the fragile points with respect to the result obtained again, providing the opportunity to identify those areas of cyber security to improve either by updating policies and procedures such as training employees to create a culture of awareness of the theme. Once we understand the security strengths and weaknesses and assessing the risk profile that is generated following the NIST Framework and thus identifying the level of the points such as identify, protect, detect, respond, recover, policy risk and training, we work with our partner tools to take the hard work out of eliminating security gaps and managing ongoing protection so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.