Cloud Migration

Competition is fierce, and when businesses fall behind their competitors they can be quickly forgotten, making it almost impossible to catch up.

The Migration Company doesn’t want that for you!

This is why our end-to-end migration specialists will help you future-proof your business, providing you with a seamless transition from your onsite computers to the cloud, or from one cloud environment to another, with minimum downtime, zero data loss, and all within budget.

This allows you to mobilise entire workloads whilst delivering an all-round improved network performance and ensuring every last one of your systems is available at all times.

Cloud platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS migration offers two main categories of migration, which include a suite of tools to move your existing on-premises data to a new cloud storage location in batches, increments, and streams.

These categories are:

  1. Optimising or replacing the internet
    This involves connecting directly to AWS data centres from the current data location. This technique is optimal in migrations that involve large archives, or where data volumes are unrealistic.

    This migration method involves tools such as AWS Snowball, which can migrate a host of data including analytics, genomics, video libraries, image repositories, backups, etc. Snowball is said to cost up to one-fifth of what it costs to migrate data via Internet and is also more secure and time-efficient.
  2. Interfacing Directly with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
    This helps to integrate existing processes like backup and recovery by streaming directing with cloud storage, ensuring large datasets are not all moved at once. Use of these services is recommended when legacy data stores can gradually migrate over time, or when new data is aggregating from many non-cloud sources.


Allows you to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure through a public, private, or hybrid cloud, with cost-effective and flexible paths, at your own pace and with high confidence.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The Google migration tool allows you to move any application from either an on-premises machine or a virtual machine in another public cloud platform, to the Google Cloud, without any system disruption.


VMware offers a comprehensive portfolio of networking services and capabilities, inclusive of a connection to the Internet, one or more public IP addresses and bandwidth, to provide your business with a smooth transition to the cloud.

Tailored solutions for your business needs

The Migration Company provides businesses of all sizes and varieties with a comprehensive multi-tier solution to meet your ever-changing business needs. Our cloud migration solution architects will handle all the complexities and integration challenges, from managing disaster recovery, backup and cloud migration.

Whether you’re seeking a cloud migration tool or disaster recovery solution, or both, together with our partners CloudEndure and Carbonite, we’ll help you safely migrate and backup any application or database across all physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

The Migration Process

Once we’ve helped you select the best cloud environment and target location for your business needs, we’ll begin by automating the end-to-end migration workflow from the data centre to the cloud.

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