Cloud Security

Due to the huge variety of cloud-based platforms, cloud computing has become even more complex, making cloud management tools an integral part of your cloud computing strategy.


These responsive tools operate and monitor everything in your cloud platform to ensure they’re inteBusiness environments are a lot more complex than they used to be. With many organizations adopting hybrid and multi cloud strategies, the attack surface and the cyber business risk is increasing dramatically.

What does this mean for your business?

Businesses must adapt their security strategies to keep up with digital transformation.

Organizations should not wait for a breach to occur to increase software security. Implementing a detailed security validation plan that can be executed automatically as part of every release (and even as part of the CI process) and integrating cloud workload protection solutions to monitor and enforce security controls is a good first step.

Shared security model

Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers operate on a shared security model. Security is a shared responsibility between the provider and the user, and the responsibilities are fairly well delineated in most cases.

Public cloud providers; for example, make a distinction between the security “of” the cloud (the provider’s responsibility) and the security “in” the cloud (the customers).

In general, the provider is responsible for securing the cloud infrastructure – hardware, software, networking and physical facilities. Users, on the other hand, are responsible for securing their own operating systems, applications and data.

Let The Migration Company help you

Together with our technology partners GuardiCore and Trend Micro our skilled cybersecurity team are well positioned to address your security requirements at every stage of your cloud journey.

Our security offerings from GuardiCore and Trend Micro are relevant in all phases of our projects and to any clients we deal with. The platform is equipped with visibility, micro segmentation, breach detection and deception capabilities. Furthermore, it can be used both in physical and virtual scenarios.

Our partnership with GuardiCore and Trend Micro provides industry leading capabilities to our clients, which when backed by our skilled team ensures that best practice security advice is guaranteed. The Migration Company is qualified in providing strategy and advise on security when it is required as part of your cloud journey.

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