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TMC is backed by industry's leading solutions accelerators, process and experts. This enables us to deliver complex, large-scale migrations to AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud platforms up to 40% faster than anyone else in the market.

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Our security services and tools protect our clients by providing visual data maps, micro-segmentation, breach detection and insights into deception cases, across both physical and virtual data setups, prior to, during and post migration.

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TMC has developed a repeatable migration process that ensures consistent outcomes for customers, regardless of size and complexity. Our process can scale up or down to meet budgets and timelines as required by our customers.

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cost benefits

experienced Cost saving within first 12 months of migrating
saw improvement in security after migrating
became more competitive due to increase in flexibility
saw increased collaboration among employees

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify every data, application and infrastructure migration. We aim to reduce time to value and to enable the benefits inherent in leveraging the cloud. Our focus is what makes us unique, it is what enables us to be the best at what we do and to master how we do it. 

The Migration Company believes that every organisation can benefit from consolidated systems that are truly integrated into a cohesive cloud solution. 

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Our Approach

1. Cloud Discovery

One of the most important but also most commonly overlooked steps in the migration process is a cloud discovery. A cloud discovery phase is crucial in providing the information needed to shape the business case, to set budgets and to define the migration processes. It also plays a critical role in managing all the moving pieces as you establish a streamlined cloud platform.

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2. Cloud Migration

Our end-to-end migration services enabled by our specialists will help you future-proof your business by leveraging cloud technologies that meet your business needs, providing you with a seamless transition from your onsite environments to the cloud, or from one cloud environment to another, with minimum downtime, zero data loss, and all within budget.  

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3. Cloud Management

Cloud management tools need to be just as flexible and scalable as your cloud computing strategy, so you can manage different environments and workloads with high levels of flexibility and agility. Keeping your business up to speed while reducing total cost of ownership. Meaning you can tap into the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert.

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4. Cloud Security

Organizations should not wait for a breach to occur to increase software security. Implementing a detailed security validation plan that can be executed automatically as part of every release (and even as part of the CI process) and integrating cloud workload protection solutions to monitor and enforce security controls is a good first step.

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